About EWS

Empire West Studios is the leading professional Model & Talent, Fashion & Beauty, and Face & Body Art photography studio for children, teens & adults in Tempe, Arizona.

Clayton Hall, founder of Empire West Studios in 1995, has been a professional photographer specializing in Fashion & Beauty since 1979 at Clayton Hall Photographic Studios, New York, NY. His work has appeared on both the covers and pages of many leading magazines including…Accessories Magazine, Artist & Repertoire, ASMP/AZ, BOMA/New York, Fender Frontline, Flair, Leaders Magazine, Manhattan Catalog, Phoenix Magazine, Rolling Stone, Vogue Health & Beauty, W’s Accessories, Woman’s Day Health & Beauty, Women’s Wear Daily, to name a few.

Being an avid amateur musician, Hall added music performance photography as a second specialty shooting such greats as Jeff Beck, Tony Bennett, Terry Bozio, Tal Farlow, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, J. D. Simo, John Paul Jones, B. B. King, Taj Mahal, The Steve Miller Band, Patti Smith, The Rolling Stones, George Thorogood, and Jimmie Vaughan, among many others. These action shots of recording artists along with the work of such masters as Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton and Francesco Scavullo had a major influence on Hall’s photographic style which is highly distinctive, finely tuned, studio based and encourages spontaneous movement and expression from his subjects. His decision to specialize in Model & Talent Photography was a natural extension of his previous experience as well as the fact that Phoenix has a plethora of the finest “child” models and talent in the world.

His magazine publishing experience includes publishing, editing, art directing, and producing ASMP-AZ Magazine for the American Society of Media Photographers – Arizona Chapter and Artist & Repertoire, a new publishing concept and magazine for recording artists looking to produce, promote and market their own recordings. Currently, Mr. Hall and Empire West Studios are proud to announce the new trademarked e-magazine titles Queen Anne’s, Model & Talent, Hipster, Hotteen, Man-X, Crush, a la mode, Paris, Travelog and First Take that are used specifically to promote EWS clients worldwide. Hall has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University and a Certificate of Professional Photography from The School of Modern Photography.

Barbara Elaine Muller, Hair & Make-Up Artist, Fashion Stylist and Creative Director of Empire West Studios, with over 24 years experience in the Fashion, Advertising, Music, TV and Film industries, is the cornerstone of the Empire West Studio’s artistic team. Virtually every look that you see in the EWS Photo Gallery, from fashion to hair and make-up, has been created by her. Barbara’s work has appeared in such notable magazines as People Magazine, Boma/NY, Artist & Repertoire as well as the EWS trademarked titles Queen Anne’s, Model & Talent, Hipster, Hotteen, Man-X, Crush and Parisienne. Her work has appeared on new CD releases for recording artist’s Marco Antonio (HOY!), JD Simo (Burnin’ Live), as well as for rap artist DO-P (Will I Be Heard?) .

“Developing a look for Model & Talent Photography is quite different than styling for Fashion & Beauty,” says Barbara, “for the former you’re selling the talent not the clothes…you want to be current but not overstated or too trendy…for the latter you’re selling the clothes not the talent!”

Muller began creating with color and facial structure as a saleswoman/make-up artist for Lancome Cosmetics in Hartford, Connecticut. Her ability to capture the individual beauty of women of all ages quickly gained the attention of local photographers, which immediately got her career started as a freelance make-up artist. While visiting various photographers in New York, Barbara met Clayton Hall in 1985 and they have been working together ever since.

” Enhancing natural beauty with minimal application of colour is now en vogue and hopefully will remain so,” Barbara says…”The days of painted ladies are a thing of the past.” However, “minimal” does not mean easy and she insists upon working quietly when designing an intricate hair style or when fine tuning eyes and lips for her clients. That means…”no talking please!” To her, the photographic set is a place where the aristic team creates simultaneously in a calm, relaxed environment allowing the talent to blossom over the course of the day.

Barbara has extensive experience working in front of and behind the camera lens. As a talented SAG actress, she has appeared in commercials for Titleist & Footjoy Worldwide, Subaru of America, The American Laser Assoc. and “Hovnanian” Investment Banking. She has been in numerous theatre productions and has done voice over work for Hoan Kitchen Appliances which appeared in Macy’s and Bloomingdales.


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