Should I Just Walk into an Agency and See if They Like Me?



Nicole Haakinson, Actor and Teen Model

“I’ll just walk in and see if they like me!”

Walking into an agency cold is similar to just sending in a snapshot in that the odds for success are definitely not in your favor and most likely this move will end your career attempt before you even get started. Sure, every agent has their success stories about the girl who just walked in the door and swept them off their feet, but I can assure you that this situation is few and far in-between. Let’s look closer…

Let’s say you’re a 15 year old, brunette female model hopeful and you walk into an agency without an appointment and without pictures. The receptionist sees you walk in and stops you in your tracks with “…sorry we’re only looking for blonds.” Or, “…the agent is not in now, please leave a picture and we’ll call you if we’re interested.”

You say, “…but I don’t have a picture to leave…”

And then the receptionist responds curtly…”oh well, sorry,” or some other dismissal rhetoric that they may come up with. In reality, the receptionist is not the decision maker but was told that the agent is not to be bothered because she is busy booking talent or swamped going through an in-box full of snapshots. Of course, no return calls are ever made to our model type simply because the right person didn’t get the information.  As a result, our model hopeful gets discouraged and a potential career is dashed before it could even get started.  Of course, this is rather simplistic but you get the idea. Now let’s turn things around…


Nicole’s Full Length Sitting

Our brunette model type has her portfolio shot at Empire West Studios (EWS). She is trained on how to make exciting, energy driven photographs that show agents what they need to see in order to make a decision.  She is also counseled on agency protocol with over 47 years of combined Empire West experience. We then produce and design her portfolio to showcase her talent to impress these agents.  At the same time she e-mails her photos with a cover letter to the same agents. Cross-marketing, so to speak. Once interest has been established, our young ingenue has proven that she can model better than most before she even walks through the door and she has an appointment to see the interested agents. She’ll need to sell herself in person but her EWS portfolio will do most of the talking! Which way would you rather do it?

Only go into a prospective agent’s office professionally prepared with a great portfolio and with an appointment if you really want results. So visit our website at and call 480-303-9359 to set up your free consultation.



Nicole’s Full Length Montage


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