How to Ruin your Modeling Career before You Even Start!

No matter what you’ve read or have been told, don’t send in snapshots to prospective agents! You may end your career before you even start. Sarah Harris from British Vogue writes,

“Suddenly everyone wants to be a model. Storm’s inbox currently totals some 2,000 snapshots of hopefuls of which 10 will be called into the office, most of whom won’t be signed (via this process, an average of three girls are taken on by Storm every year). This gig is aneedle-in-a-haystack opportunity.”

Marketing 101 dictates that you need to separate yourself from the snapshot pack to get real results…not just get lost in the shuffle. Even if you do get an agent with a snapshot, you’ll still need to spend up to a year or more “testing” with photographers who are just learning themselves and if you don’t pull your book together in a timely manner the agency may lose interest and drop you. The best approach, if you meet the physical and/or talent qualifications, is to get professional photos of yourself made in a candid and natural style from an accomplished Model & Talent Photography studio and then approach the agencies “client ready.”



Taryn Bentler Model, 3/4 Shot

Empire West Studios specializes in outstanding Model & Talent Photography for Children, Teens, and Adults. Our method of shooting is a non-contrived, action packed, studio based style that we call Performance Photography which focuses on movement and expression and is designed to show off a model or actor’s talent. For additional information and to see samples of our work, please visit our website at We’ll be glad to go over everything with you when you call 480-303-9359 to set up your free consultation. You’ll save yourself time, money and stress and have that WOW factor edge that will make the agents ask “Where’ve you been all this time!”


Taryn Bentler Model, Full-Length


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